Natural Palm Oil – MUL

MUL is the brand name for the
natural (unrefined) palm oil produced by Chede.

Manufacturing Process

Our palm oil is produced in the south west of Cameroon. More specifically Mount KUPE and its surroundings. This region has a rich volcanic soil which is very suited to organic farming practices. MUL palm oil contains no pesticides.

MUL is extracted and bottled in strict compliance with applicable hygiene and food safety regulations. Naturally cholesterol free, the red color of MUL and its distinctive flavor makes it an essential ingredient in many exotic dishes such as Koki, Eru, Aloko, and various sauces.

Nutritional Qualities

MUL palm oil is rich in palmitic and oleic fatty acids. Carotenes (vitamin A) give virgin palm oil its characteristic red-orange color and tocopherols (vitamin E) contribute to the stability and nutritional value of the oil.

Red (unrefined) palm oil is considered the natural food with the most rich concentration of vitamin A. It contains about 15 times more than carrots, for example. Palm oil is also the second richest oil in terms of vitamin E (tocopherols) content, after wheat germ oil. The concentration of these vitamins is greatly reduced after refining, heating and cooking.

Due to its high concentration of vitamin A, palm oil can be used to alleviate nutritional problems linked to vitamin A deficiency (eye damage and increased mortality among young children), which are particularly common in Africa.


Discover a selection of delicious traditional recipes featuring MUL natural palm oil

Production Capacity

  • 10 tons per week.


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Payment Conditions

  • Local Sales: Cash.
  • CEMAC, Europe & USA: Bank transfer or L/C.

Shipment & Delivery

  • Delivery method: Air/Maritime – FOB Douala Cameroon.
  • Delivery delay: 2 weeks from receipt of purchase order.


For more information and order inquiries, contact our export desk (Marketing Office) in Douala (Cameroon):

  • Tel:+237 33 39 13 55
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