Our growing range of products includes:

  • ANAG (bottled pasteurized palm wine)
  • MUL (palm oil)
  • Cassava derivatives (garri, bobolo, miondo, and chikwangue)
  • Vegetables, frozen and dried (ndolè, eru, cassava leaves (kwem or pondu), green (bitekute), folere (ngai ngai), sweet potato leaves (matembele), njama njama, kelen kele, fresh pepper, etc.
  • Green coffee (about 1000 tonnes per annum)
  • Cocoa beans
  • Spices of various types under our VILLAGE VIRGIN trade mark

Availability & Pricing

Export sales: Download our catalogue of African food products and price list aimed at importers in Europe and United States:
Chede Export Product Catalogue (PDF)
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Local/CEMAC sales: Contact us for pricing and information about any of these products.

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