Processing of ANAG Palm Wine

Extending Chede’s Farmer-support Services and Supply Chain in the South West Region

Chede’s 2010-2020 strategic plan envisions progressive emphasis on the processing and marketing of food products locally and internationally. This strategy aims to raise the incomes of village smallholders, especially women, operating in farmer groups within Chede’s village network, in pursuance of its village-oriented development philosophy.

This network has until now existed mostly in Kupe Muanenguba and Moungo divisions. However, with the cooperative’s food industry and local market operations now in expansion, there is an ever-increasing need to further develop and extend this village network for the supply of produce to feed the processing industry in its expansion phase. That implies geographically extending the cooperative’s farmer-support services and supply chain beyond Kupe Muanenguba and Moungo to include other divisions of the South West region. For that reason, a Chede regional office is being established in Kumba, as long planned.