Deriving Food Security Information From National Household Budget Surveys

This document is a compilation of papers authored by national officers with the collaboration of FAO professionals involved in food security using food security statistics from 11 countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. The document also includes papers reporting on methodological issues related to the estimation of food deprivation in countries in terms of experiences and achievements. It points out challenges for future work in using food consumption and other pertinent data collected in national household surveys to assess the situation of food insecurity.

The aim of this document is to facilitate a better understanding of food security indicators in terms of their production and use for food policy analysis as well as their limitations. It highlights issues for further development to improve information on food security so that food policy measures can be better informed and monitored over time and be adjusted accordingly. Improving food data collection will allow practitioners and stakeholders on food security to better target food deprived people with more effective actions against hunger.

Download “Deriving Food Security Information From National Household Budget Surveys” (PDF – 1.4Mb)