Washed coffee

Chede Selected for Cameroon Washed Coffee Pilot Project

The Chede Cooperative Union is one of four farmer organizations in Cameroon selected by the Government to participate in a major national pilot project designed to boost the country’s dwindling coffee sector. Officially launched on 9 July 2010 by the Vice Prime Minister in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development (www.minader.cm), and the Minister of Trade, the project will introduce coffee washing mills (or Coffee Processing Units based on ecological pulping technology) for Arabica and Robusta coffees with the objective of producing high-value gourmet coffees for the first time in Cameroon. The project is financially backed by the World Bank, the European Union and the International Trade Centre (ITC/UNCTAD/WTO). One of the four pilot centres under the project will be located in Muambong where a Robusta coffee washing station will be established under Chede management.

Download the project summary (in French): Projet Pilote Café Lavé (PDF – 86Kb)