Chede completes major new report on the international fair-trade movement

Chede Cooperative Union (CHEDE-CAMEROON) has completed a major report for the Cameroon Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on the international fair-trade movement and the prospects for farmer organizations in Cameroon.

The report finds that on the supply side of the fair-trade movement, certified producer organizations are concentrated in Latin America which accounts for just over 50 per cent of all certified producers, over 80 per cent of certified coffee growers, and over 70 per cent of certified banana producer groups.  In Africa, certified organizations are concentrated in East Africa (37.2 of all African certified producer groups) and Southern Africa (30.2 per cent); followed by West Africa (22.2 per cent); North Africa (8.1 per cent) and CEMAC (2.3 per cent).

The report recommends to the Cameroon Government to explore the ways and means of implementing the concept of a “network of lead cooperatives” in Cameroon so as to foster the capacity of the country’s cooperatives to qualify for fair-trade certification, other ethical and related trade sectors such as the organic and gourmet niche markets, and conventional export trade more generally.  Additionally, a Cameroon Fair Trade Forum is suggested to lead the way for a fairtrade movement in Cameroon and the Central African Sub-Region.