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The Chede Cooperative Union boosts the technical and institutional capacities of our village-based member cooperative societies by processing what they produce into finished goods for local, regional and global markets.

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Chede's "village-first" development approach aims to level the disparities between Africa’s urban and so-called "rural sector" by focusing public investment and development services on meeting the needs of the majority population living in villages.


Chede assists in the marketing and sale of the primary and processed products of its network members, which includes coffee, palm oil, and dried Cameroonian/African food items such as ndole, eru, okra, cassava leaves, pepper, etc.

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Food Technology

Since 2010, Chede has been working with the Agricultural Institute of Research for Development of Cameroon (IRAD), on new processes for washing and roasting our coffee production.

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Project Development

Chede supports a number of research, development and conservation projects in the region, helping to protect local fauna and flaura, modernize village communities, and improve local storage and transport infrastructures.

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Product Catalog

Our growing range of products includes palm wine, palm oil, cassava derivatives (garri, bobolo, miondo, and chikwangue), frozen and dried vegetables (ndolè, eru, cassava leaves (kwem or pondu), green (bitekute), folere (ngai ngai), sweet potato leaves (matembele), njama njama, kelen kele, fresh pepper, etc.), green coffee (about 1000 tonnes per annum), cocoa beans and spices of various types under our VILLAGE VIRGIN trademark.

The Chede Resource Centre

Explore the growing collection of reports and studies in the Chede Resource Centre to learn more about the issues that Chede is working to address and the initiatives that we support.