Economic development in Africa

Africa has experienced high and continuous economic growth in the past  decade, prompting analysts to argue that the continent has reached a turning  point in its development history and is poised to play a more significant role in  the global economy in the twenty-first century. The average annual growth rate  of real output increased . . . → Read More: Economic development in Africa

The new development finance landscape

Major shifts in the international development finance landscape have created new opportunities and options for developing countries to access external finance for their development priorities. These shifts have also created new challenges and risks for managing such flows. In anticipation of a post-2015 development finance framework, the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) 2012  High Level . . . → Read More: The new development finance landscape

Assessing long-term state fragility in Africa

In recent years the concept of ‘state fragility’ in developing countries has received considerable attention in both the academic and policy environment; in sum, the argument is that countries with fragile state institutions are beset by conflict, chronic poverty and poor development progress. In global listings of ‘failed’, ‘fragile’, ‘conflict-affected’ or ‘conflict-vulnerable’ states, countries . . . → Read More: Assessing long-term state fragility in Africa

African development report 2012

Africa’s recent growth reflects many years of policy reforms coupled with a surge in extraction and export of its natural resources. To sustain this growth, and make it more inclusive, will require difficult policy choices in the long term. Current practices have implications for sustainability of natural assets, which are the source of livelihood . . . → Read More: African development report 2012

Cameroon_ 2010 – 2014 country strategy paper

2009 is the final year of the current Bank Group Strategy for Cameroon which was approved by the Boards on 20 October 2005. This strategy (ADB/BD/WP/2005/109 and ADF/BD/WP/2005/121) was implemented during the ADF 10 cycle and the first two years of ADF 11. The completion report on its implementation confirms the progress made in . . . → Read More: Cameroon_ 2010 – 2014 country strategy paper

AfDB Agriculture sector strategy

Africa is rich in natural and human resources. More than 900 million people live in Africa. Agriculture plays a vital role. An estimated seventy percent of the population depends on agriculture for full-time employment and many others rely on agriculture for part of their household income. Two hundred million Africans live with food insecurity. . . . → Read More: AfDB Agriculture sector strategy