Pasteurized Palm Wine – ANAG

The pasteurized palm wine produced by CHEDE is bottled under strict hygiene conditions and is commercialized in bottles of 33cl and 65cl under the brand ANAG.

Manufacturing Process

  1. Harvesting of raw material
    The raw material is freshly picked palm wine. To ensure availability of raw materials in sufficient quantity and quality, our organization responsible for the harvesting (ICG Vintners South West) is fully trained in good collection practices of palm wine. Upon receipt of the raw material, a number of checks are performed to ensure reliability and compliance of the product.
  2. Filtration
    The wine is filtered in order to eliminate any particles that may be present.
  3. Packaging
    After filtration, the wine is packaged in bottles of 33cl and 65cl.
  4. Pasteurization
    Pasteurization is used to destroy any micro-organisms that may be present in the wine (essentially yeast cultures). We use a temperature-controlled discontinuous pasteurization method, which preserves the nutritional qualities and flavor of the wine.
  5. Cooling, packaging and labeling
    At the end of the pasteurization process, the wine is chilled and labeled.
  6. Storage of finished product
    The product thus obtained is put into cardboard boxes and stored in dry and cool location.

Production Capacity

  • 2 tons per week.


Our latest catalogue and export price list is available from our Pricing & Availability page, where you will also find regular marketplace updates.

For local sales and sales/distribution in the CEMAC region, please contact us.

Payment Conditions

  • Local Sales: Cash.
  • CEMAC, Europe & USA: Bank transfer or L/C.

Shipment & Delivery

  • Delivery method: Air/Maritime – FOB Douala Cameroon.
  • Delivery delay: 2 weeks from receipt of purchase order.


For more information and order inquiries, contact our export desk (Marketing Office) in Douala (Cameroon):

  • Tel:+237 33 39 13 55
  • Fax: +237 33 39 13 66
  • Mobile: +237 22 12 52 99 / +237 77 52 22 33