We are continually rolling out an ever growing range of products, such as those showcased on our home page slideshow.

Our current products include :

  • ANAG (bottled pasteurized pal wine);
  • Cassava derivatives (garri, bobolo, miondo, and chikwangue);
  • Vegetables, frozen and dried (ndolè, eru, cassava leaves (kwem or pondu), green (bitekute), folere (ngai ngai), sweet potato leaves (matembele), njama njama, kelen kele, fresh pepper, etc;
  • Green coffee (about 1000 tonnes per annum);
  • Cocoa beans;
  • MUL (palm oil.
  • Spices of various types under our VILLAGE VIRGIN trade mark
  • We also offer products specifically requested by our clients but not mentioned above.

Additional information about Chede products and manufacturing processes is available below.

Please contact us for more information about these products and check our Pricing & Availability page for regular marketplace updates.