Chede Netherlands

Determined to contribute our part to the implementation of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and the United Nations Millennium Declaration and Development Goals and in this context to enlarge bilateral development co-operation between the people and Government of the Netherlands on the one hand and of the Republic of Cameroon on the other in order to support the poverty-alleviation initiatives of the CHEDE agricultural co-operative movement in Cameroon, and to expand such initiatives as widely as possible in Cameroon and other African countries;

Accordingly have hereby established for the above purposes a Dutch international development charity to be known as “CHEDE-NETHERLANDS” with headquarters in Amersfoort.


(1) To promote Dutch-Cameroon development partnership in pursuance of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, especially by supporting the poverty-alleviation initiatives of the CHEDE agricultural co-operative movement in Cameroon and other African countries, with focus on science and technology for development; agricultural and rural infrastructure development; food production, processing and marketing; healthcare; export-trade promotion for the benefit of small and medium-size enterprises; and technical and vocational training;

(2) To mobilise financial resources in The Netherlands and the European Union and promote trade and investment flows for the benefit of poverty alleviation activities in Cameroon and other African countries;

(3) To enhance the management, technical and export capacities of CHEDE agricultural co-operatives and other small and medium-size enterprises in Cameroon and elsewhere in Africa by providing expertise and supporting technical and vocational training programmes for their benefit, and importing and marketing their products, especially agricultural and food products on fair-trade basis, the net income being used to advance the Charity’s objects;

(4) To support scientific and technological research centred on African products and development problems, with emphasis on agricultural and food production and processing, healthcare technologies, rural infrastructure development and construction of human settlements;

(5) To provide project expert and management services to donors and third parties interested in collaborating with the Charity or using the Charity’s services in its areas of competence; and

(6) To undertake any other initiatives likely to advance and fulfil the Charity’s objects and the goals of the international development instruments listed in the Preamble above.

Head office :
Ruigenhof 33
3813 LV Amersfoort.
The Netherlands.
Tel: + 31 334 613 336 / +31 646 451 381