Reducing post-harvest losses in mango in South Asia

India is the largest producer of mango fruits (21.54 million tons) contributing 69% of global production (31.25 million tons) (Sekhar et al., 2013). In Sri Lanka, mango production is approximately 90,000 tons, constituting 15% of the total fruit bowl of the country. While fruit production in South Asia is globally competitive, the region is only able to satisfy around half of its demand. One reason for this is post-harvest losses in fruits and vegetables, which, owing to poor processing and preservation facilities, can be as high as 30-35%. This represents an annual economic loss of INR 2,000 billion (Indian rupees) (US$33 billion). . . . → Read More: Reducing-post-harvest-losses-in-mango-in-South-Asia  (PDF – 505Kb)

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