Assessing Regional Integration in Africa (ARIA III)

This publication focuses on the theme of macroeconomic policy convergence, monetary and financial integration in Africa’s Regional Economic Communities.

Because it helps increase growth, trade and investments, the pursuit of macroeconomic stability and monetary integration is crucial for Africa’s integration efforts. At the core of these efforts are prudent fiscal, monetary, exchange rate and debt policies pursued at the national level and harmonized at the regional and continental levels. A stable macroeconomic environment attracts and encourages investment, which is essential for development. Strengthening and deepening the financial sector, including the establishment of vibrant capital markets, will also facilitate the flow of funds and help anchor macroeconomic policies. Moreover, strong national and regional capital markets also play a catalytic role in attracting foreign direct investment and promoting cross-border investment.

Click here to download the report “Assessing Regional Integration in Africa” (PDF – 2.7Mb)

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