Manos Unidas Visits Chede Muafcoop in Muambong

Manos Unidas, an international development NGO based in Spain, is a major development partner of Chede Muambong Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd (Chede Muafcoop). This NGO in 2009 contributed significantly to the funding of the construction of a 15 km Muambong – Abang earth road link and bridges to facilitate the evacuation of produce through the Manjo outlet on the expressway to Douala.

A Manos Unidas delegation comprising Elena Fernandez-Palacios and Amelia Osma visited Muambong on 15 March 2010 to inaugurate the road project and consolidate development partnership with the Muambong farming community.

Manos Unidas Delegate with Chede Union CEO & Muafcoop Board Member Manos Unidas Delegate walk through Chunge Bridge along side with Muambong Clan Head Manos Unidas Delegates Visit Project Site

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