Chede establishes a presence in the Bakassi Peninsula of Cameroon

Once a conflict zone claimed in the past decade by both Cameroon and Nigeria, the Bakassi Pensinsula is now fully Cameroonian following the judgment of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of 10 October 2002, which recognized full Cameroonian sovereignty over the disputed territory, and the Greentree Agreement of 12 October 2006 by which Cameroon and Nigeria solemnly pledged to implement the ICJ judgment in the interest of regional  peace and the well-being of the peoples of the two countries.

Bakassi is a cluster of islands in the border zone of Cameroon and Nigeria in Ndian Division of the South West Region. It covers seven subdivisions notably: Bamuso, Ekondo Titi, Mundemba, Isangele, Kombo Abedimo, Kombo Itindi and Idabato.

In a bid to contribute its modest part to the consolidation of political, economic and social stability on the Bakassi Peninsula, Chede has moved to establish a presence in this zone with location at Bamuso.

The main occupation of the people is fishing with little subsistence farming across five main islands. In this area, the availability of marine resources is directly related to the health and integrity of the coastal zone ecosystem, which is made up of mangrove forests, estuaries, coral reefs, and open sea.

Chede has designed a community development and environmental protection project focused on the protection of these resources. Read more about the project.

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